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Our mission is to catalog all the world’s music books, including biographies, autobiographies, tabs and sheet music, lyric collections, and more.
As an extension of Discogs, we're combining and highlighting the data connections between written and recorded music collectibles to create the most in-depth map of music history and folklore.

That's a bit different to what About bookogs says.
But "About Bookogs" still promotes the option of building the marketplace so what do I know.

Interesting. I wonder if that is the plan the site owners have for Bookogs.

I have always struggled with the point of difference this site has to similar bibliography sites, apart from the ability to build a more comprehensive database.

If I was going to rationalize this site then I would make it an adjunct to Discogs and focus on only music related literature. Maybe the site owners have come to the same conclusion.

On hindsight maybe it should have been music only from the start. Though I've added plenty of non-music books I think it would been a shame to lose the rest of it. Especially with the amount of work users have put into it.

Having a book database just for music publications is like having a music database only for electronic music. Somehow the non-electronic releases still found their way in... ;-)

Those are the reasons for me to link every freaking credit from here that I can find on Discogs. If you interpret the definition far enough, every entry linked to Discogs is "music related".

Better still BadMoon, add 'Music' as a genre to all your book submissions. That will confuse everybody no end.

So is this just a catalogue with no way of selling, or buying?

Yes, at the moment. See staff's announcement from last November for more information:

Thank you

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