Will there a genre for photobooks created or plan of it eventually? Would like to start submitting my photobook collection.

What do you mean by photobook, can you give an example?

There is the genre 'picture book' which use for picture heavy publications, eg.

However, if you're expecting any new genre's to be added you may have a long wait as staff aren't here often.

I'm not seeing this "Picture Book" genre listed.

I collect Fine Art Photography books and while I don't have this one (https://www.amazon.com/Winogrand-1964-Trudy-Wilner-Stack/dp/1892041626) I'm always searching to see if I can find someone selling it for cheap.

I just came across Bookogs after being a Discogs member for many years now. First book I searched was Winogrand: 1964 and didn't see a listing for it which lead to me creating this thread.

Well, there is a photography genre/category but it's not listed on the side menu.

If you look at the link I added you will see one of the genre's is 'Picture Book', when you click on it you get this:

As you can see it's very wide ranging category as can inlcude animation, children's books etc. Were talking about the photography credit rather than 'genre'?

Bookogs is still finding its feet, as some people will add to that category books about photography / photographers whilst others will add photo-books.

There is currently no option to sell / buy books on this site.

Have ubloaded a book about oriental rugs by Ulrich Schürmann
There is no date of issue in the book ( only a copyright without date) and I am missing also a kind of topic for these objects.
Any suggestions?

PS: someone wrote me this site will close soon.
Is that a jokr?


PS: someone wrote me this site will close soon.
Is that a jokr?

Not a joke. Staff posted about it on Comicogs here:

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