According to the the guidelines re: chapters

Enter chapter titles and numbers as they appear on the table of contents. Include section titles and headers.

How do we deal with books which do not have a table of contents but have sections/parts indicated through the book itself? Do we add this under the Chapters section but then note no table of content? Or would you add this in the notes?

Book has 3 sections each comprising of 10 chapters + epilogue

So under chapters section:
Part 1: Title here
Chapter 1
chapter 2 etc etc

or in notes
Book is split into 3 parts
Part 1: Title here (chapters 1 - 10)
Part 2: Another title (chapters 11 - 20) etc etc.

Not came across this until now so a little unsure how to proceed with it

V x

Probably either solution works, and I think I've seen it done both ways.

Personally I use the Chapters field for all the section/chapter info as long as there are sections/chapters, even if there is no table of contents. You can always mention in the Notes that there's no table of contents.

So far it has not been that strict what you enter into the Chapters field, you can see things like "No chapters", "See images", etc.

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