I'm about ready to add a version of Crime and Punishment that I own. Another version is already in the database: http://www.biblio.gs/book/788-Crime-and-Punishment-A-Novel-in-Six-Parts-with-Epilogue

However, that version spells his last name as Dostoevsky and my copy says Dostoyevsky. At Discogs, we have the ANV feature, but that doesn't exist here.

So, how should I handle this?

gonna need aliases as well for pen names :D

already had this problem with my copy of "Confessions of the Mask" - Mishima's name is written "Jukio MiĊĦima", the Serbocroatian way, everywhere it appears.

that is "Confessions of a Mask", sorry

I'll be consulting with the Devs to see how soon we can get an ANV function for the database and how that might look. I'll keep you updated.

I went ahead and submitted it as is, with the different spelling

It can be changed or amended at any time based on what you and the developers come up with as a solution.

I believe we should keep track of things like this.

I just found this book

Author's name is spelled differently.

And here.

The author's name is Dean Koontz but it is displayed as Dean R. Koontz on the cover of the book.

About Dean Koontz. Most of books of him I have is spelled Dean Koontz, rest Dean R. Koontz, but I'm wating for anv function, I don't want to create 2 entries

http://www.biblio.gs/book/3985-Dwanascie-Prac-Herkulesa what You mean author's name is spelled differently?

The cover says "Agata" and the author's name is Agatha.

Agreed, an ANV function is needed.

The cover says "Agata" and the author's name is Agatha. - oh didn't notice that, thanks :)

I used Various as a main author. Or should I list all co-authors as authors?

Are they credited as Co-authors?

They're credited as authors

I changed them to authors & system lists only first 3 authors, so I guess it's ok
I was afraid of huge listings of all authors

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