I entered some data for a book I wanted to submit. Clicking the Save button results in nothing happening. I scrolled to the top of the screen and saw a pink box that says "Additional properties are not allowed (u'posts' was unexpected)".

I only entered a title, 7 credits, 3 dates, 1 identifying code (ISBN), format (paperback), 3 genres, a page count, language, and notes. Nothing too weird.

This is on Chrome 41 64-bit, Win7 64-bit.

The same problem was reported here:

There's also a temporary solution there. :)

Apologies for not spotting the earlier thread. I don't like that workaround in there though.

Yeah, it's kind of a bummer, but, we are in the very early stages here.

Here's what I do. I don't try the workaround at first. I just enter the title on the new submit page and hit preview. If it previews, then I know I can continue without having to copy to draft.

Sorry about this guys, I've put in a fix for this problem. I've verified it works in testing but please let me know if you happen to see this error again. thanks!

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