Please, let's not do like Discogs and make people cram subtitles into the title field every which way. Subtitles are discrete fields in other book databases.

+1 absolutely needed.

Agreed. Subtitle would be lovely.

bump! so since this is obviously gonna be a needed thing that gets implemented & we will have to go back thru and change everything which is fine, how should we handle subtitles for now? some are just really too long imho to cram into the title...

Giving my vote for this too.

We (staff) are discussing this and how it might complicate consistency across the different databases. I'll let you know where we end up.

hmmm... is that a plan for an integrated marketplace? :D

if we are focusing on cataloging books here its gonna be awful hard to stay consistent with films, i kinda thought thats why things were split & not just a discogs of everything... which im cool with as well if thats what we are goin for...

i know its pretty much the deal, but i think maybe a positive thing we could do here is inaugurate this DB with a ceremonial one of these:

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