So that we don't clutter up the other threads any more, let's use this thread to request genres.

Biography please :D

i guess throw Autobiography in there too yeh?

Oh yeah, those are huge, we'll definitely need those.

I've added those.

need "Self-Help"

the genre... and i gotta get my isht together but thats a whole other thread on another forum lol :D

Play (theatre)

Also maybe Tragedy, Drama, Comedy, Satire, Tragicomedy... not quite sure if these are all literary genres, but at least useful when entering plays. :D

"Play (theatre) "

--I agree. Shakespeare and others don't really fit elsewhere.

"Also maybe Tragedy, Drama, Comedy, Satire, Tragicomedy... not quite sure if these are all literary genres, but at least useful when entering plays. :D"

--Perhaps we should request a Sub-Genre field?

Nursery Rhyme

I've added Self-Help, Play (Theatre), Tragedy, Drama, Comedy, Satire, Tragicomedy and Nursery Rhyme. For now, I think we should keep these all in the one Genre field. Since you can add as many genres as you want, I think it will be easier to just add all that apply rather than worrying over what should be the main genre vs. the subgenre.

I wonder about historical fiction. Not sure if I wouldn't say it is a genre, but it definitely a catergory of fiction.

Didn't see this thread... add Gothic fiction? It's pretty much the Romantic style of Classical music, but for books. Includes stuff like Frankenstein

Western as a genre too

Dictionary as well

I don't think we need Dictionary. Reference works for me. Do libraries have a Dictionary classification inside the Reference category?

Sociology & Anthropology plz :D maybe Archaeology too

& Psychology

Dictionary: Sort of, it has it's own Dewey Decimal Number. 423 I think, or very close by it.

Math and Language too, for language learning books and math books


"Crafts & Hobbies"




Looks like these have been added as well!

Yes, I've added all that have been mentioned in this thread.



board books
picture books

Also, libraries have the children's book divided up into further categories. This might complicate things, but I'm throwing it out there.
picture books
board books
beginner readers--Dick & Jane, Bob books, etc.
beginning chapter--Henry & Mudge, Nate the Great, etc.
Juvenile fiction--A Series of Unfortunate Events, Princess Tales, etc.
Young adult--Monster, Hunger Games, The Giver, etc.

as you can see, there is a difference of interest and maturity in juvenile fiction and young adult fiction.

didn't see the health and cooking categories before making the post.

Video Game Strategy / Strategy Guides / Video Games

One of/a combination of those

I've added Diet, Board book, Picture book, Beginning Reader, Beginning Chapter, Juvenile Fiction, Video Games and Strategy.

formats - textbook, magazine, booklet, novel, poster, leaflet, manual, comic (comicogs should be merged into this sight imn my opinion), graphic novel, excercise book (colouring-in children's book, sticker book), dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, religious book (siddur, torah, haggadah, bible, etc), indie (fanzines, bootlegs). fiction, non-fiction, cook books, audiobooks, stationary (notepads)

joronamo_888, welcome to the site! Very nice to see you here!

we already have--

audio book

The rest of what you mentioned can be separated into formats and genres


Regarding "Computers". I think that for now, they fit in the "Technology" category.

Are you referring to
and possibly?

I still believe that we should have a sub-genre field because the genres are currently getting very big.

Here are some examples:

The Hobbit
Main Genre: Fiction
Sub Genre(s): Fantasy

Building Websites for Dummies (made up title)
Main Genre(s): Non-Fiction; Technology
Sub Genre(s): Web Design; Computers; Information Technology

Crochet For You (made up title)
Main Genre(s): Non-Fiction; Crafts & Hobbies; Instructional/How-To
Sub Genre(s): Crochet

Yeah that would make sense. I think we all have a few ideas as to how the forms could be improved.

@Adambassador - You make some good points about sub-genre. I'll mention this in our planning meetings and let you know how the discussion goes.

Thriller needed


I've updated the Genre options with the latest suggestions. Please let me know if I've missed anything.

Sports (and/or games)

Hi librarians : ) about genre perhaps we need add "Medical" as printed here Thanks.

Library science



I have added a magazine which is comprised entirely of band interviews. I have used the Music genre but maybe Interview is needed instead?


I've added the most recent genre suggestions. Please let me know if I've missed anything.

What do you thing about "Adventure" as genre.
And by the way, what do you thing about some coments or links by users before adding a new genre in database?

Design or Graphic Design as genre


Architecture as genre


I've added Adventure, Design/Graphic Design, Memoir, Architecture and Pets.

Online social networks
Business networks
Customer relations

and before this thread goes on forever could I request some consideration of this:

Atlas, Lexicon




I've added the requested genres for the time being. maldoror - I will be discussing your genre taxonomy suggestion with our team and I'll let you know where we land on that.

Please let me an explanation:
Basically there is 3 genres in literature:
Lyric (poetics, verses, poems, etc)
Narrative (stories with a narrator, dialogs, characters,...)
Playwriting (Play on stage)

Narrative includes: Short Story, Novel,...
Can't find Novel as a genre in Bibliogs. Why?

what genre should I use for book with compiled aphorisms, sentences & proverbs?

@ emilianito1972 - I've added novel.

@ Gizmex - I'd probably use Folklore.

Something like "Collecting" and/or "Card Game" is needed here:

@seburns - thnx

I've added Collecting. There's already a Games genre. Maybe you could use both for this.

fwiw folklore & aphorisms are very different things imho..

ive got several collections like what Gizmex mentioned and i wouldnt consider them folklore...

have you thought about using Aphorisms as genre?


Not sure if "Pop Culture" could become a bibliogs genge but I think a lot of releases are based on Pop Culture (Fashion & trend magazines, underground fanzines, Weeklies, hipster books, etc, etc)
Just check from
"Popular culture (or pop culture) is the entirety of ideas, perspectives, attitudes, images, and other phenomena that are within the mainstream of a given culture, especially Western culture of the early to mid 20th century and the emerging global mainstream of the late 20th and early 21st century. Heavily influenced by mass media, this collection of ideas permeates the everyday lives of the society. The most common pop culture categories are: entertainment (movies, music, TV), sports, news (as in people/places in news), politics, fashion/clothes, technology and slang"

I've added Aphorisms if you'd like to be more specific, @Gizmex. I thought folklore might be good to encompass all three things mentioned, but after the points made above, I see that Aphorism might be needed. I've also added Witchcraft and Pop Culture.

If there's book published as dialogue between 2 people. and it is autobiografy of one of them. Shouldd I add autobiography, or biography? or both. I guess the second guy was the one who wrote this, but they're credited both as authors
also do we need genre Reportage? I have one book which is marketed as a reportage

I've added Reportage.

For the book you mention, is it an Interview? We have that genre. If not, I would tag it as both autobiography and biography.

Novella, Narration, Bilingual is needed.

I'm not quite sure of "narration" is exactly equivalent to the German "Erzählung"

I've added Novella, Narration and Bilingual.

Book Club Edition is missing

I'm not sure I agree that Book Club Edition is a genre. At this point, I would add that to the Notes.

"Film" and/or "Cinema" need adding

I've added Film/Cinema.

catalog or catalogue for i.e. art exhibition catalogues is missing

Bilingual can also have text fields aside, where to insert languages

good idea, but since we even have no kind of description fields at the moment, this will take a while ;-)

Yeah, so huge job!

Opera, Operetta, Musical maybe later as a sub genre of music...

Radio Play

Chemistry, Biology, Physics

Can I make a request for Exhibition Catalogue?

These are different from normal art books in that they are published in limited runs at a very specific time... but often they become definitive works

It might also be worth adding Auction Catalogue as these can sometimes become important publications in their own right.

  • 1, yes I've been collecting these catalogues and still have hundreds of them. They are worth a sub and a field for sure....but since I'm convinced that we need sub-genres...these would be perfect sub-genres for art...

I'd like to see Surrealism.

Also, + 1 for Exhibition Catalogue.

I've added Catalog, Auction Catalog, Exhibition Catalog, Opera, Operetta, Musical, Radio Play, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Surrealism.

For now, since we don't have subgenres, these have all been added as genres.




reproduction - even if I'm not sure what that really means, but we will find out later ;-)

reproductions must have something to do with photos...

song book

what's the correct English word for a book with printed music? sheet music book?

"Música notada" in Spanish, Sheet Music in English

But better in format suggestions

format is OK for this yes...

"letters" are missed


I have put somebooks under Psychology now, even though no student of that field would classify them as such.

Style/Fashion please

I've added Quiz, Astronomy, Astrology, Songbook, Psychopathology, and Fashion/Style. Reproduction and Sheet Music seem better fits for formats.

Book, about energy of crystals & their influence on humans healt. I've added collecting & health as genres. Is it ok?


Philosophy of science

Discography could be useful?

^^^ + 1, Discography, thanks!

cultural history - catalogue raisonné - evolution


Posted with just a little irony ;-)

Puzzle Game / Puzzle

Environmental protection

Discography is nice but could go with "Catalogue" too?
i used that here...
i'd like to recommend: Presenter or presents

(historical) documents

How about Horticulture ?


Construction or Building or Buildings or something a-like


I've added all of the above. Please let me know if I've missed anything.

Encyclopedia unless I mad and it's there?

even we have allready graphic / Design and music, picture books
I would like to see for my submitted cover books
- LP covers (subc. classical, jazz).

Law, or Law & Regulations

book of hours

Animals? I've added book about horses & gave Nature for now, And I think pets should be replaces with animals

Quotations / Citations

I've added these. For Animals, I added it to Pets - Pets/Animals.

Not sure if "Textbook" or "Schoolbook" as genre by itself... Perhaps something like a description...Comments?

"Evolution" is still missing

Sorry about that. I've added Evolution, Painting and Textbook.


moral philosophy / ethics

Courtly Love


I know Journal is in the format but also some genre's are all well so perhaps 'Diary/Journal'? Or should 'Diary' be separate? Or added to 'Memoir'?!

I've added Speeches, Ethics/Moral Philosophy, Chivalry, Courtly Love, and Guide. I've altered Memoir to Memoir/Diary.

Genetics, Field Guide (for plants and animals)


Oops... I missed this thread. The forum is in need of a search function... Anyway, 'Food & Drink' genre needed.

I've added Genetics, Field Guide, Biochemistry and Food & Drink.

I've added Mycology.

I still believe we need a subgenre field. Not all of these are main genres. Mycology? That fits under science. Recipes? That fits under cooking.

yes of course and as I understood seburns, they will come for sure...

Compendium please


I've added Compendium, Mysticism and Journal.

Letters, Epistolary Novel

Marketing/Economy or there is already sth similar?

I've added Letters, Epistolary Novel, Marketing and Economy.

Art History

I've added Art History. Sorry for the delay.

No worries. I don't have time to stop by every day anyway. :)



Costume Design


There are also a bunch of "sub-genres" (Grammar & Punctuation, Morphology, Composition & Creative Writing, Alphabets & Writing Systems, Sociolinguistics, etc.) but I'm not sure how detailed we're wanna be.

Sorry, I just noticed Linguistics is actually there... Don't know how I missed it.

I've added Costume Design and the subgenres for Linguistics.

Thanks! There are more of them, but I'll leave them be for now. :-)

Literary Critism?

That's Criticism...

I've added Literary Criticism.

Great--thank you.

Political Theory would be nice.

I've added Political Theory.




I've added Magic, Spiritualism and Terrorism.

Theory, and Psychoanalysis, perhaps?

Transcript? Not sure as just had a book that was mainly verbatim testimony taken from court transcripts, didn't think 'Interview' was suitable.

Rhetoric, Communications

Possibly Textbook?

I've added Theory, Psychoanalysis, Transcript, Rhetoric and Communications. Textbook was already in there.

Television & Radio

I've added Electronics and Television & Radio.

Lectures might be nice.

Maybe just generic Entertainment?

Feminism, please.

Also, Media Studies.

I've added Lectures, Entertainment, Feminism and Media Studies.


Gender Studies
Sex (Unless anyone can think of a better way to desribe it!)

Contemporary History / Modern History

Interior Decorating or in general, Decor

I've added Gender Studies, Sex/Intimacy, Society, News, Contemporary History, Modern History, and Decor.

Flags - I'm not sure of an existing category they can be covered by.

I wonder if flags would be covered under government or anthropology.

Flags should be under Vexillology.

Mechanics and Engineering

Oral History - currently I'm using 'Interview' for books which are made up of interview quotes eg. or should we stick with 'Interview'?


I've added Flags/Vexillology, Mechanics & Engineering, Oral History and Thesaurus. Sorry for the delay on these!

Holiday or if we want to go into specifics, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving etc

I've added Holiday. If there's a real need for the more specific holiday titles, let me know.

so the genres is already getting out of control, has any more thought been put into the long term plan for genres/subjects by staff behind the scenes? Maybe a tag cloud would be better if you don't want to adapt or adopt a complete taxonomy.

Yes, I support a 'free text field' for Genre that would be used later on for a tag cloud.

What one person calls horror, another might call terror and yet another might simply call it science fiction.

Corrections/Law Enforcement

Pornography maybe?

Finance/Personal Finance

Just a question: I recently entered a book of riddles: and I tagged as Children's but not sure if it would be needed a new genre: Riddle / Riddles / Book of Riddles / or similar or perhaps using "Poetry" as genre just because a riddle is a puzzle in verse

Ghost Stories

Cultural Studies
Women's Studies

Punk (or at least Rock) ?
Reggae ?

It's definitely getting very specific but I'd love to be able to tag and search books by some music styles like punk. I don't know if it would be a "Genre" or something else though.

there is jazz, opera, operette,... that's why I proposed "at least" rock

(and for reggae, it's just that some books about reggae don't have reggae in title, so it's hard to find/discover them)

I'd love to be able to tag and search books by some music styles

Same here. The thing about building a some sort of genre/classification system from scratch is that it's a lot of work. The very generic tags we have at the moment are far from sufficient. IMO we are going to eventually need a hierarchical system where we're able to tag the books with more specific themes, eras, keywords, etc. I mean think about history... if you want to search books about the WW2, you should be able to search just those, and not all history books. They are not all mixed up in the library either.


Hi guys - sorry for the long delay between updates. December was kind of crazy busy.

I've added Gossip, Corrections/Law Enforcement, Finance, Personal Finance, Riddles, Ghost Stories, Cultural Studies, Punk, Rock, Reggae and Fetishes.

For Women's Studies, is there any reason that this wouldn't be covered by Gender Studies? Is it materially different?

For Pornography, is there a submission that Erotic wouldn't cover? I guess I'm reluctant to encourage the submission of straight-up pornography to the database, but if you can make a compelling case for it, I might reconsider.

Regarding the tag cloud idea, this is something that we've discussed previously during development. Obviously, having such a mechanism would preclude us from having discussions about whether a genre should be added and would open the database up to some potential odd genres from typos, etc. On the other hand, you guys wouldn't have to wait for genres to be added or deal with the bulky genre list. I'll bring this up with Teo and Nik to see what their thoughts are, but if you guys want to discuss some more, we'll keep an eye on this for good arguments.

No worries, thanks for adding those. :-)

For Pornography, is there a submission that Erotic wouldn't cover?

I'm not sure where the line goes, but there are at least some books that deal with pornography from a more scientific - often sociological, cultural or historical - point of view. In addition, several porn stars have also written autobiographies, and there are books about the industry in general.

I guess I'm reluctant to encourage the submission of straight-up pornography to the database

Yeah, the tag might lead people thinking it's allowed, unless choosing the tag would trigger a warning of some sorts. In the end the tag might actually help controlling, and keeping an eye on what gets submitted. Would probably be a good idea to add something about the topic in the guidelines.

I actually came to this topic for a reason:

Figure Drawing

i suggested pornography because i added:
to the database.
Georges Bataille is a well know french author that dealt with philosophy, psychanalyse and litterature amongst many other things. He is famous for his pornographic novels, under pseudonym or his real name...

Welcome back seburns, thanks for the additions.

For Women's Studies, is there any reason that this wouldn't be covered by Gender Studies? Is it materially different?

There is definitely some overlap but I believe the two are different enough to warrant separate tags.

Punk, Rock, Reggae

If we're going there, I'd suggest adding these, too:
Heavy Metal

"Animals" or "Wildlife" "Fauna" or something like that for animal photo books


something like Safety or Safety Awareness


Philosophical Fiction

Magic Realism


Hey guys. Again, sorry for the delay in getting these into the DB. I've added Anatomy, Figure Drawing, Women's Studies, Heavy Metal, Blues, Animal/Wildlife/Fauna, Geology, Safety, Agriculture, Philosophical Fiction, Magical Realism, and Trends.




True Crime


Children's literature
Youth literature




Body modification


Esotericism (which would be pseudo-science and pseudo-philosophy like astrology/spiritualism/healing crystals, New Age, people like Blavatsky and Chopra. And any Western movement that corrupts non-Western philosophy (westernised yoga/Kabbala/etc).


Esotericism (which would be pseudo-science and pseudo-philosophy like astrology/spiritualism/healing crystals, New Age, people like Blavatsky and Chopra. And any Western movement that corrupts non-Western philosophy (westernised yoga/Kabbala/etc).

We already have occult, spiritualism, mysticism, astrology. And I'm not sure your proposed Esotericism definition is helpful. Kind of negative value judgments (pseudo, corrupts). Why not just call it Stupid Stuff and be done with it?

Southern Gothic

Faulkner, Flannery O'Conner, etc.

Helpful comment there, tompowers64…

I noticed on a couple of occasions that esotericism would be a useful term, for instance for certain writings by Crowley, or Conan Doyle's The Coming of the Fairies.

Several of aforementioned themes that be categorised as such, is because they are a corruption of science (astrology, palm reading, reflexology etc.) and that is precisely when a term like esotericism would come in handy. I worked in a bookstore for years and esotericism had it's own section. The Occult, spiritualism, mysticism, astrology et al were subdivisions.

My objection isn't to the term. It's to a definition of Esotericism as a corruption of science or philosophy. Esotericism is a very wide umbrella, and covers everything from fortune telling to ancient Greek Gnosticism.

Sooner or later, we'll have to build a page defining genres. I don't think those definitions should include value judgments.

Sooner or later, we'll have to build a page defining genres. I don't think those definitions should include value judgments.

Well then let's begin. I just created a wiki page and got many of them listed. Need someone to list more of them or I will later on. Let's edit it as a group and put definitions in.

I'd also like to see sub-genres listed so that if/when we get a sub-genre field, we can turn existing genres into sub-genres or create new ones.

I'd also like to see sub-genres listed so that if/when we get a sub-genre field, we can turn existing genres into sub-genres or create new ones.

What about Fiction and Nonfiction? Is a definition of Adventure supposed to be broad enough to include both? Should Adventure Fiction and Adventure Nonfiction be subgenres of Adventure? Or should they be separate, with Adventure Fiction as a subgenre of Fiction, and Adventure Nonfiction be a subgenre of Nonfiction?

I recommend we use the "New Topic" button at the bottom of the "Genres" wiki to have genre discussion.

That will leave this thread open to Genre requests.



Please forget the last one, fould it on list under Mechanical/engineering

Comics :P

Seriously speaking, I have art books by comic book artists, and it would be nice to tag them with something other than just "Art". Any ideas? Adding "Comics" would probably give the impression that comics are allowed.

For example:

Speculative Fiction

Not Science Fiction … more like E.T.A. Hoffmann or Stephen King or Edgar Allan Poe, no setting in the future or another planet required …
In Germany a different branch … "Phantastika" and "Science Fiction"
"Phantastika" doesn't equal "Fantasy" either …

Image & Sound, HiFi


Or separate tags for "Civil Aviation" and "Military Aviation".
I've got quite a few books on this subject, and I just want to make sure I tag them correctly. :)

Hi guys, I apologize for the delay getting these in. I've added all the uncontested requests since my last post. If you notice something is missing, please let me know.

@mirva - Would something like Comics Art or Comic Book Art work?

@mirva - Would something like Comics Art or Comic Book Art work?

I think either one would work. :)

  • Spy Fiction

Dystopian Fiction?

We probably ought to think about adding keywords to the notes, so that we can cut back on the elephantiasis of the Genres list.

We probably ought to think about adding keywords to the notes, so that we can cut back on the elephantiasis of the Genres list.

I'll take this moment to re-request a tag cloud.

If we can't get a tag cloud, then can we have sub-genres like at Filmogs?

I'll take this moment to re-request a tag cloud.

Seriously, Chivalry is a genre? And as for Courtly Love, that should probably be made a subgenre of Adultery...

Have just added a book about ancient and oriental "picture capets" from Egypt with wonderful scans.
What would be the correctr genre?

Art, Cultural History seem fine. Picture Book is probably not a good choice; Picture Books are generally books for young children with pictures and limited text.

Similarly, I wouldn't use Picture Book on collections of album covers.

That was at the beginning. Will correct my album cover books and the new sub.

Looking at my submitted Down Beat record review books I think this would be a useful genre "Reviews" or "Record Reviews". How about that.

Why not just use Music, Criticism for record reviews?

The Genres are getting completely out of control. Every time someone thinks of a keyword, it gets added to the Genres. Not every subject is a Genre. Why don't we ease up on the Genres, and start adding some keywords to our notes?

No matter what it is, we need something. Unless of course the management is planning to compile a massive list of all genres, sub-genres, subjects and keywords and then dividing it into something manageable.

I'd prefer either adopting an existing taxonomy or using a tag cloud. If we're gonna use the Notes, I'd rather that be a temporary measure. The sub-genre system in Filmogs is not that successful because no one really knows what to put there. And someone would need to decide what is a genre and what a sub-genre.

"Why not just use Music, Criticism for record reviews? "

The notes cannot be searched for a genre. Record review(s) s is also very a common expression among the collectors. See title of the submitted books

Actually, the notes are searchable.

Re: subgenre Is it possible to update the software as in Discogs to add a subgenre in [ ...] ?
For example
- reviews [records]
- reviews [books]
- reviews [films]

BTW the expression "criticsism" sounds like the german "Buchkritik" which is not what the english speaking people use. A new genre "review" or "reviews" would be very helpful and could be used on more occasions than only LP reviews. Another suggestion: remove a lot of genres (onetimers ) if you need room and select those which have the chance to be used quite often.

New genre:
Gardening ( or plants; or fauna at least)
The closest genre at the moment is 'crafts/ Hobby and seeing all those sub-sub-sub genres about all kind of issues I thought there would be room for ' Gardening' too.

Sorry for the long delay between replies, guys.

I get what you're saying about the genre list becoming too large. I'll be speaking with the Devs about the possibility of adding subgenres like Filmogs or using a tag cloud.

In the meantime, I've added the following: Comics Art, Spy Fiction, Dystopian Fiction, Gardening and Reviews.

I have found a magazine about cars so maybe Cars or Automobile or Vehicle as new genre or tag?

We do have Motoring already

We do have Motoring already

@Adambassador thk you

Animation (I have added a few magazines about kids cartoons)
Fanzine (Maybe this should be a format instead)

I asked bout Fanzine as format but they gave us Zine :)

I didn't know that, thanks!

I've added Disability Studies, Social Science and Animation.

I've been thinking about it too, but I've not been quite sure whether it's a format or a genre.

But considering that all the literary forms (novel, short story, etc.) are in the genre list, anthology is probably better there than in the format list (which seems to be strictly for physical attributes atm). :)

My apinion, if a book is an anthology something like a compilation of stories, of poems, and also it's largely used in literary world so I'd tend to tag it as a description (check Discogs description list) Not a genre, not a format.

But we don't have a description field... :(

We could open a new forum thread, compile a list of Descriptions and discuss about it

Thanks, seburns.

Hour about Tourism? Travel doesn't really cover this:

*How, not hour!

I've added Tourism, Evolutionary Biology and Evolutionary Psychology.

When should we address the religion issue?

We have sub-categories of science and other genres, but not religion.

I'm thinking
Native American Religions
and the list goes on

and then there are the subsets of each of those categories

At least Witchcraft is already on the list, but I agree that the others should be added.

Hard Science Fiction
Science Fantasy








Child Development

or something like that. you can tell there's not many parents around here! :D

also, can we get Pamphlet added as a format please?

Football/Soccer (There´s a lot of literature and magazines about football over here in europe)

also, can we get Pamphlet added as a format please?

I've added the above requested genres. Please let me know if I've missed anything.

Speculative Fiction might be a good one to add next round


Art Techniques

Coloring Book

It might be a weird one, but drugs - not for things like Trainspotting, but for things like this which I added and drug encyclopaedias etc:

Hey guys. Sorry for the delay. I've added all the suggestions since my last post.

Supernatural isn`t on there ..... M. R. James et al.

Is it possible to merge comedy and humor as comedy\humor as both crossover. Something like this could be classed as both:

as could

as could



New Age


Graffiti/ Street art


@alexl - Maybe just tag the book with both Comedy and Humor? I'm reluctant to combine them in case someone needs to use one without the other.

@ParkerLewis50 - Could 'Young Adult/Youth literature' work for 'Teenager'?

I've added all the others. Please let me know if I missed anything.

Agree with seburns' suggestions above.

Death and Dying
Psychotherapy (we already have Psychoanalysis but some books tagged thus don't strictly fall within the definition)
Railroad Transportation
Rail Transit Systems (for local systems such as trams and metros)
Industrial Railroads

I've used Dewey Decimal terminology. Sooner or later I think we shall need to come to some accommodation with Dewey.

I've used Dewey Decimal terminology. Sooner or later I think we shall need to come to some accommodation with Dewey.

There was a discussion about genres about 5 months ago where management was seeking some opinions:

Psychotherapy (we already have Psychoanalysis but some books tagged thus don't strictly fall within the definition)

I agree

Also, once we're splitting "Industrial Railroads" from "Rail Transit Systems" I think it's time to consider a multi-level genre system. Maybe something akin to genres + styles on Discogs? I say this because if were to allow for all of these sub-categories in "Railroads" then just imagine how long the list would become with scientific sub-fields. The drop-down would be a mess.

*if we were to allow...

(I still agree that psychotherapy and psychoanalysis are absolutely distinct--a distinction publishers are often careful to make obvious.)

I can live with just Railroad Transportation for now. Shall add comments to above thread.


Also, once we're splitting "Industrial Railroads" from "Rail Transit Systems" I think it's time to consider a multi-level genre system. Maybe something akin to genres + styles on Discogs? I say this because if were to allow for all of these sub-categories in "Railroads" then just imagine how long the list would become with scientific sub-fields. The drop-down would be a mess.

I think a transport category would be good to cover cars, vans as well as rail and air travel. How about maps for rail travel maps, cycle maps, air and water. Just to keep the categories down?

I think a transport category would be good to cover cars, vans as well as rail and air travel. How about maps for rail travel maps, cycle maps, air and water. Just to keep the categories down?

We need to strike a balance between the number of categories and the number of likely entries in each. Adding up all the books ever written about transport of every kind must easily run into hundreds of thousands. It then becomes impractical to use transport as a search or browse term because of the huge number of results. The range of subject matter covered buy books is much wider than musical genres/styles to Discogs and with a multi-level system there can be differences of opinion about what the parent category should be. Maps is just one example. Does a railway map belong under railways or maps?

A few current categories could be combined: Humor and Comedy for example.



Does this come under Dystopian Fiction?

Gay / Lesbian Studies

"Gay / Lesbian Studies"

How about Gay\Lesbian interest or just Gay\Lesbian? The reason I say this is we can add fictional books to this category such as Oranges are not the only fruit and screenplays, photo books etc as it will save adding a Gay\Lesbian fiction later.

I've added most of the requested genres with the following exceptions.

@ParkerLewis50 - I've added 'Automobiles/Cars'. What are 'Oldtimer' and 'Youngtimer'?

@Eyeball. - I do think 'Dystopian Fiction' is a better term than 'Post-Apocalyptic', unless there's something you think it doesn't cover.

@ahr2nd & alexl - I've added 'LGBTQ Studies/Fiction'. Please let me know if you feel strongly about separating those.

"Critical Theory" please

I've added Critical Theory.

About "Juvenile Delinquents" -

Would another term work, like "Juvenile Deliquency", or "Juvenile Crime"?

Because tbh, "Juvenile Delinquents" sounds a lot more like a subject, and that's why it feels so awkward as a genre. I know that's what vintage paperback collectors call it, but they also have "Sleaze", which is not necessarily directly transferable to a database.

But in general I have nothing against adding it to the list.

Aeronautics & Astronautics


Earth Sciences

There is a Games genre, but how about the following:

Gamebook (e.g. Choose Your Own Adventure, etc.)
Role Playing Game (Dungeons & Dragons, etc.)

Here are resources for:


Role-Playing Games

I've added Juvenile Delinquency because that seems more like a genre name than Delinquents.

@fiorani - Anthology seems more like a format to me.

I've added all the rest, but let me know if I've missed anything.

You had me questioning my definition of "anthology," but I think I'm right. I see your point of "format," but a compilation of one's works should also be a genre in addition to any other genre (poetry, short stories, etc) it might be. Would you use "short stories" in an anthology of someone's magazine or newspaper articles?

I think Anthology is something like (recurrent Discogs, sorry) compilation so I think it could fit in a future list of Format description

I'm thinking we should add:

Music Production

I sure there is some overlap, but that way we can differentiate between the topic of music listening and music creation.

Should Music Production be an About\Subject or a genre? I agree it does need a category though.

I think genre makes more sense, though I'd prefer that we see something like a Genre / Style system eventually. Amazon's hierarchy is actually very good, I think.

See, here, for instance:

To give an example, Elizabeth DeLoughrey's Routes and Roots: Navigating Caribbean and Pacific Island Literatures is: "Books > Literature & Fiction > History & Criticism > Regional & Cultural > Caribbean & Latin American"

Also: Indigenous Studies, please.

(Are we ever going to be able to edit these posts? It's really a nuisance.)

Just added a poetry anthology. Definitely need anthology as a genre.

We need Anthology as description, imo a book may be an anthology of poems, short stories, etc

Please can I have Botany.

Calling "anthology" a "Description" (as defined by the Bibliogs layout) would be shouldn't define a book like "hardcover" or "audiobook." However, "Genre" also has "picture book" so "anthology" should be another pick from the "Genre" list.

When I read definitions about "Anthology" I can't linked with the idea of genre:
1. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a collection of literary passages or works, esp poems, by various authors
2. any printed collection of literary pieces, songs, works of art, etc

Is there a better place for "anthology" than "Genre?" Is "picture book" a genre? My thought is they're both the same level, no matter what is chosen. They're more akin to "Genre" than "Format."

I think "anthology" and "novel" are literary forms, no? The same is true of "essay" and even "poem." True, most bookstores will have an Essays or Letters section, but it isn't a genre of writing in the same way that science fiction or history is.

That is, history --> content / essay --> form, and hardcover --> format. That seems reasonable to me.

Well, there are some terms included in Bibliogs 's list of genres that they are not genres IMO (but maybe I'm wrong) as: Picture Book, Young Adult, Children's Literature, Rock, and many others, some of them could better fit in "Subject/about" role.
As I noted months ago literary genres should be accepted after discussion, as on Discogs. Heavy Metal is not a genre IMO, even some of my old contributions could not be genres...
Children's literature is only about age. There are children's books about fscience fiction, adventure, romance, fairy, etc

I would be in favour of a fairly standardised list of genre than the laissez faire approach so far.

I think, in terms of genre, less is more, for clarity if nothing else. Philosophy and Critical Theory could be one category for instance. Radio Play should come under Drama.

It wouldn't take much research to draw up a standardised list.

Wikipedia provides a list of writing genres (literary genres):

Also, we ought to have political science. To my mind, "politics" encompasses things by political pundits and contemporary "current events" type publications, and not academic work.

And art criticism? This book compiles a number of review that were first published in a magazine:

"And art criticism? This book compiles a number of review that were first published in a magazine"

I personally would use both Art and Criticism which are already available. Where do we draw the line separate category for Music Criticism, Film Criticism, Historical Criticism?

Hi everyone,

I've added the requests since the last time I posted.

For anthology, since it doesn't easily fit into formats, I've gone ahead and added it as a genre, in the spirit of having several tags that describe a book.

For the requests for a more structured genre list, if we can agree on one, I can query the devs on how/if we could mass update what's already in the DB.

"a more structured genre list"
+1 oh yes please, just starting a basic list of literary genres, discuss, voting and dev.
later same with subgenres. A student book of literature has a basic list, even maybe some user is a teacher...

"For anthology"
Not a genre, ok, not a phisical format ok but you know, seburns there is a request for dev a future humble description section started by mirva:

Well, since Novel, Essay, Short Story, etc are in the format list, Anthology is actually better there.

But - is there a reason why "Board book" is both in the format and genre list?

Thanks, seburns. I appreciate the help.

Alternative Medicine?

Club Directory? (Or Organization Directory?) This one isn't ephemera but a cloth-bound volume.

Homoeopathy and Alternative Medicine sounds like an about\subject to me.

To me they would seem to fit in the current list of genres just fine. I know they are not necessarily genres, but a lot of stuff in the list isn't. Actually most of the stuff isn't.

FYI - Speculative Fiction is listed twice. First after Short Stories, and then after Southern Gothic.

Since so many users are not happy about the current genre list, I've made a list of how we could possibly reduce the genre list, and keep it perhaps only for literary/writing forms/genres, and move everything else to credits (About/Subject):

Note that the list is very rough, so there might be some mistakes. Any feedback, suggestion, and discussion is more than welcome. I just wanted to get the ball rolling.

I actually started a separate thread for it, no need to hide the possible discussion here.

antiquing please (for antique price guide reference books)

I would think antiquing is a subject rather than a genre.

Mirva I have had a look at the list that you prepared and it looks great. I noticed one omission and that is Religion from the genre list.

Actually yes, thinking about it Auribus I think you are correct.

I really don't mind so much what we have in place, though I think some sort of tiered system (like genre & style on Discogs) would be preferable to using "about" for anything other than proper names.

And was LGBT ever added? I think a simple "LGBT" would due (encompassing fiction, LGBT studies, books about navigating laws re. adoption, relationship help, etc.) and then perhaps "Queer Theory."

*would do, that is

I found a book listed with the genre 'Book of hours' and eagerly clicked on it thinking someone had listed a Christian devotional illustrated manuscript from the Middle Ages.

I was slightly disappointed to find it was actually a copy of 'Sacré Tryphon ! - Agenda Tintin 1995' by Hergé:

I believe this publication is some sort of calendar or diary. The closest genre to 'Diary' I could find is 'Journal' and I have changed the genre from 'Book of hours' to this.

Should 'Diary' be added to the list of genres?

Diary doesn't need adding it would come under Memoir.

I'm not sure if they would be appropriate under genre, or would be better listed as a subject, but I would like to see the addition of a couple of my favorite book types considered:

Memoir - a historical account or biography written from personal knowledge. An essay on a learned subject.

Diary - a book in which one keeps a daily record of events and experiences. A book with spaces for each day of the year in which one notes appointments or information.

I am pretty certain 'Sacré Tryphon ! - Agenda Tintin 1995' isn't a memoir.

Meteorology and Climatology

Russian History, Russian Literature...perhaps for other countries/regions where requested, as long as we're using genre as "tags" of sorts.

and Former USSR (not Russia proper) lit/history would be on my wish list.

Labor Studies


Sword and Sorcery

Courtroom Drama
Is a subgenre of Drama
You can check exemples here:

Supernatural isn`t on there ..... M. R. James et al.

Making a second request for Supernatural Fiction.

It does seem to overlap some existing genres though, and used in a pretty broad sense overall, but if people find it useful, then I think it should be added.

Really need Development Studies, or just Development and/or Third World

Marxism? Or no schools of thought?

Radical politics, Revolutionary Theory or similar


Anarchism exists as an About/Subject credit:





I think that should be Vexillology.

Psychological Thriller
Women's Health
Men's Health


African American Studies

Counter Culture




Supernatural Fiction ..... I'm fed up with asking


I'm fed up with asking

Nothing has been added for 10 months. I wonder why?


Narrative Poem

Chivalric romance


Opera buffa


Bourgeois Tragedy


Better: Naturalism (literature) and Naturalism (visual art) and Naturalism (theater)

like on wiki

African-American, Urban Fiction

Concert Program
Tour Program

Espionage (not sure if it has already been mentioned).

When will these be updated? Has been some time since any new ones have been added.

I just noticed that now the existing items on this hodgepodge list are linked, and browsable.

Would be nice to get an update what is going on with the genres and subjects, and how to proceed with them. Will more items get added to this list? Will this list include all genres and subjects? Or should we add the subjects using the About/Subject credit?

Hey everyone. You are right, there have not been additions to the genre lists recently. We've been thinking about what the best way to go here is.

We think the number of genres has already ballooned and we don't really have an effective mechanism for deciding what makes for a valid genre. So the approach of just adding things from this thread does not seem sustainable to us.

Here are some ways we have considered:

  • Keep genres to limited and managable number (probably trimming our current list). And adding a free text input for "sub genre". Similar to how Filmogs does it for films
  • Go with an existing system like Deweys
  • Turn genre into a linked-entity field like credits. Where users can browse all genres and create new ones

Would like to hear your thoughts.

First, thank you for your reply.

So the approach of just adding things from this thread does not seem sustainable to us.

Based on the discussions we've had, a lot of users agree with this. We've tried to come up with solutions as well, but it seems difficult to find one that everyone would be ok with.

If I have to choose from the above suggestions, I would vote for the third one. I like the thought of being easily able to edit and create new ones, as well as having profiles for the genres with short descriptions. Considering how neglected the genres/styles are in Discogs, I think they should be controlled by users, not by staff. No offense... :-)

Dewey is ok, but might not be the easiest solution for people not familiar with it. It has quite a learning curve. Also the existing systems tend to just have the main fiction genres, and I don't like the thought of having to ignore smaller genres, or to have an alternative system for them.

I'm not very fond of the Filmogs genre/subgenre system, so that's my least favorite solution.

probably trimming our current list

It would be relatively easy at least to get rid of the obvious subjects on the list, and the one format (board book). Some of them actually already exist in the database as credits.

Alternate History

Marine Biology and/or Oceanography

I also prefer the third suggestion, a linked entity field like credits. As mirva wrote, the ability to have a profile with a short description for each genre would be welcome, too.

Prayer Book


Language Course

Post Apocalyptic



This genre will cover stuff about zombies, virus infections, terminator styled things like robots take over the world and so on, nuclear stuff like Fallout and Stuff like homefront, where military takes over the world.

How about ''Pseudoscience'' to deal with all those books trying to debunk science, with the popularity of TV shows like Ancient Aliens, these style books are getting churned out by the truckload at the moment.

Have a lot of DOWN BEAT YEAR Books starting with 1957.
Would like to collect them under a headline "Year Books".
Is that possible?

I have been adding a few Audiobooks recently and we need some formats for them, cassette CD, vinyl and we need ''read by'' in the credit roles.

Well, 'Read by' already exists as a Credit role, so I don't know what you were typing in an effort to locate it.

I agree that it would be helpful to have those sub-formats in Audiobook.

So it does, no idea how I missed that, I added around 15 Audiobooks yesterday and today and totally missed that credit. I will go back and fix them.

I did three of them🤪

Nice one, thank you. I have done the rest of them.


I always waver between using short story or novella. It really isn't either, so it would be a welcome addition because a lot of science fiction works are described as a novelette.

Just a thought about the religion genre.
We have religion as a genre and a few religions too. I am thinking maybe a better way would be to have religion as the main genre and whatever religion the book/magazine might be about should be an About/subject.
We have some religions that are both a genre and an About/Subject.
Christianity/ Judaism/ Hinduism/ Buddhism
Thes are all the big ones but we will be getting books submitted on many more religions and the many many sects that go with them. What do you folks think?

Personally, I think the genres for individual religions should be removed in favour of the About/Subjects. I would just keep Religion as a genre as you suggested.

This is similar to a discussion we recently had about music genres:

Big missing piece:

Using Dewey would make sense. Letting users make up genres just atomizes the meaning of the genre section.

We already have Monograph for a genre.

Who would expect to see the genres "Fantasy" and "Drugs" on Alice in Wonderland? Sure, the story has some drug themes, but still...

Picaresque novel

It's already there, it's just "Picaresque".

thank you

Lyric book

Anecdotes is missing

Apostils or Apostilles, if this is the correct English word for the ironic commentary texts in newspapers. German word is "Glosse".

Is that the same as "causerie"?

Yes, that's what I mean, interesting that it's not even mentioned in leo. And if you switch to the German wiki entry you end at the same word (which is not used very often). The example is "Peter Ustinov" and that's exactly what I was submitting ;-)

interesting that it's not even mentioned in leo

That is a bit odd, though obviously they are not a big thing in English. I found it through a Finnish-English dictionary, we call it "pakina". :-)

Ecology is not in the database, I can't believe it ;-)

Ecology is not in the database, I can't believe it ;-)

You better believe it ;)
It's a credit, to be listed as About/Subject:

But it's an important branch of biology, it has to be in the genre fields.

Well I think the genre vs. about/subject discussions are not finished at all, but the last result in that topic was, not to overload the genre (like biology) section with subgenres and to avoid overlaps (if biology is a genre, it's not to be credited as a subject and vice versa).

Does anyone else feel the About/Subject credit is a little out of place among the book credits, and would be better if moved/displayed closer to the genres?

I also wonder if the devs have made any progress on this, or have had any meaningful discussions? :-P

Does anyone else feel the About/Subject credit is a little out of place among the book credits, and would be better if moved/displayed closer to the genres?

Yes, thiis field should be placed next to the genre field, i sometimes forgot to add some topics that i couldn't find in the genres, because the "subject fields" weren't adjacent to the genre fields.

Martial Arts
Spirituality (Spiritualism is generally considered a subset of Spirituality)

Perhaps Martial Arts/Combat Sports, together or separately.

I would suggest using the About/Subject credit for both, at least for the time being. The staff has not added any new genres for a long time as the whole genre system is in limbo.

mirva wrote:

I would suggest using the About/Subject credit for both, at least for the time being. The staff has not added any new genres for a long time as the whole genre system is in limbo.

Thanks, mirva, I will do that.

I would like to see "Racing" as a new genre. Motoring do not fit so well when submitting Formula one magazines;).


Thanx Mirva for the racing link:).
i searched for it in the wrong place!

can we have classics or rather Classical Literature as a genre? i've got dozens of general books about ancient greek and latin texts to be put on. Ancient Greek as a language would be useful too!

How about Rom-Com? (Romantic Comedy) Its a very popular genre in the book world.

Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Life and Chess. :)

We have a credit called About/Subject that is used for subjects. (empty but feel free to use it)

You can also create new ones like any other credits. :-)

Thank You mirva!! How do i use the AI page/credit? I have quite a bit of books on the subject.

Can i get credit for this page seeing as it's empty? :)

Just add the About/Subject credit on the book, it's like any other credit, and it gets listed on the page.

For example this book has a About/Subject credit for chess:

Got it! Thanks for your patience, mirva.

Philosophy and Religion please.



Need "Novelette" as in Hugo and Nebula Winners for Novelette
Hugo awards

Hah, came to see if someone had added a request for Novelette. :-)

Also would like to have Flash Fiction.

[Monday thoughts:]

I've been trying to figure out what to do with the novella, novelette, and short story tags because the definitions vary. Each award/competition basically sets their own limits, and they can vary quite a bit.

For example here are some short story limits in competitions/awards:

Hugo Awards: less than 7,500 words
The William Faulkner – William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition: less than 10,000 words
The Scottish Arts Club Short Story Award: less than 2,000 words
John Steinbeck Short Story Award: less than 5,000 words
Ruth Rendell Short Story Competition: less than 1,000 words
NESFA science fiction/fantasy short story contest: less than 40,000 words

So depending on the source, and their standards, the same story could be categorized as a short story, novelette and novella.

Do we treat them as we treat Album/Single/Compilation/etc. in Discogs - meaning you need an official source for them, and the same work can have multiple tags. Or do we set our own standards, which means you could only add the tag if you know the required word count.

Are any of these getting updated? Be good to get a staff resposne.

I'm would like to add 'Engraved By'. Not a genre but I've already gone through 4 pages on the forum and can't for the life of me remember the name of the thread.

auboisdormant wrote: ?

Thank you! My brain died, it was so obvious.

Genealogy please!

I asked for 'Theatre' ages ago, is there an alternative that I missed?

I think useful the gernre "Neuroscience".

You could always use the About/Subject credit. There are at least pages for Genealogy and Neuroscience, not sure what the Theatre page is for...

Thanks. Its about an actor in the theatre age in the Victorian era so 'Play (Theatre)' isn't really suitable. I think that 'subject' will be correct. There is 'Entertainment' on the list I could use instead.

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