Welcome to Bookogs

Bookogs is a community-built database of books and magazines from around the world.

The Bookogs database is your place to catalog your personal book collection, discover new books and print variations of old favourites, while contributing to a comprehensive online archive of physical books.

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Discover Books, Authors, and Editions

Find books in your favorite genre, or an unread gem by your favorite author. Unearth an edition you can’t live without, or learn how many times your favorite work has been translated, reproduced, and reprinted.

Track Your Book Collection

Keep track of your book collection, down to the exact edition on your shelves. Save yourself from buying up doubles. Marvel at the details of your book collection and share with other bookworms.

Save Books To Your Wantlist

Never miss an opportunity to add a rare, out of print, or collectible book to your shelves. Add books to your Wantlist to keep track of what you are looking out for.

Join The Community

Soak up the collaborative atmosphere, get inspired by kindred spirits, and swap recommendations.

Access Open Data

As a community-driven project and as part of Discogs commitment to open-source data, all data on Bookogs is free and open for public use. Bookogs is built primarily with open-source tools and we contribute back to the open source community.

It Takes a Village...

With over 10 million music releases in the database, Discogs has become the music data authority. But it didn’t happen overnight.

While we aspire to the same breadth of data and detail on Bookogs, we have a way to go, but we’re constantly working on it. With your help, we can continue to build the most powerful resource of music data, complete with books.

How to contribute to Bookogs

  1. Grab what’s on your bookshelf, hit up the local library or purchase something new.
  2. Search the Bookogs database for the book. Can't find it? Add it using the submission form.
  3. Nicely done! Now other Bookogs community members can add it to their Wantlist or Collection.