FAQ for Authors and Publishers

FAQ for Authors And Publishers

We receive quite a few questions from authors and others in the book industry who are interested in the information about themselves listed on Bookogs. We have put together the following FAQ which answers the most common questions:

Who created an account for me on your site?

The Author and Publisher profiles are not accounts, they are lists of books and publications that have been entered to the site. User accounts are separate from author and publisher profiles.

Who added my books to your site?

Bookogs is a user built website that relies on its userbase to add and update the information that we display. Anyone can add and edit the information.

Can I get exclusive control of my Author or Publisher page?

Sorry, no. Nobody 'owns' the information, and no one user has control over the information.

Can I remove information?

Information is taken directly from publicly available books, magazines and publications in the possession of one or more members of the site, and cataloged for their benefit, as well as for other members' benefit and the benefit of the public in general, under the fair use laws. We do not remove factual information. All contractual or legal issues should be taken up directly with the publishers or others responsible for its distribution.

The information contained in Bookogs is generally publicly available information, and therefore can be freely cataloged and distributed without any copyright claims being valid. If you still feel your copyright is being violated, please see our Terms Of Service page for further details.