Image Order

Primary Image (1st)

The primary image should almost always be the front cover of the book. If there is a dust cover, then the front of that counts as the Primary Image.

2nd Image:

The second image should be the spine of the book in vertical format as it would sit on a bookshelf. If there is a dust cover, then the "spine" of that counts as the 2nd image.

3rd Image:

The third image should be the back of the book. If there is a dust cover, then the back of that counts as the 3rd image.

4th, 5th, and 6th Images:

If the first 3 images were of the dust cover, then it may be removed and the same process may be repeated for the book without the dust cover.

7th Image:

This should be of the Title Page. The Title Page is usually near the front of the book (but rarely the first page) and often contains the Title, the Subtitle (if there is one), the Author, the Illustrator, and the Imprint or Publisher. Note: If the Title Page spreads across two pages, then it is suitable to upload them both as one image. (See this image for reference)

8th Image:

This should be of the Colophon, or, the Copyright Page. This is usually on the verso (the rear) of the Title Page.

9th and Following Images:

These images should be of the Contents, or Chapter titles, and any other pages that help identify the book.

Additional comments:

  1. Images that should generally be avoided are the inside flaps of the dust jacket as these usually just contain marketing information and hype. Feel free to add them if they help distinguish editions/printings within the database, but usually, they will not be necessary.
  2. In case of a damaged or missing front cover, please upload an image of the Title page as the Primary Image.
  3. Avoid uploading pages of the book's content itself. We are here to document the existence of the book and it's data, not to spread copyrighted information.
  4. Not all books follow the above order in layout. Many children's books, for example, have the Copyright Page before the title page. In cases like these, it is best to arrange the images in the order that they appear in the book.
  5. Maximum image size: 10MB.