William Faulkner

The Wild Palms (If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem)


Main Details
William Faulkner
1939 First published
Publication Location USA
Language English
Notes The Wild Palms is a novel by the American author William Faulkner published in 1939. This title was chosen by the publishers, Random House, over the objections of Faulkner's choice of a title. Subsequent editions have since been printed under the title If I Forget Thee Jerusalem (1990, following the "corrected text" and format of Noel Polk), and since 2003 it is now usually referred to by both names, with the newer title following the historically first published title and in brackets, to avoid confusion: The Wild Palms (If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem).

Wild Palms/Old Man is a blend of two stories, a love story and a river story, entitled "Wild Palms" and "Old Man", respectively.


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