Agatha Christie

Murder in the Mews (Collection)


Main Details
Agatha Christie
1937-03-15 First published
Publication Location UK
Language English
Notes Murder in the Mews is a short story collection written by Agatha Christie and first published in the UK by Collins Crime Club on 15 March 1937. In the US, the book was published by Dodd, Mead and Company under the title Dead Man's Mirror in June 1937 with one story missing: "The Incredible Theft". The 1987 Berkeley Books edition of the same title has all four stories. All of the stories feature Hercule Poirot.

• "Murder in the Mews" - first published in Woman's Journal, December 1936
• "The Incredible Theft" - an expanded version of the story "The Submarine Plans" first published in The Sketch, 7 November 1923. "The Incredible Theft" was serialised in six instalments in the Daily Express from Tuesday, 6 April to Monday, 12 April 1937
• "Dead Man's Mirror" - an expanded version of the story "The Second Gong" first published in Strand Magazine, July 1932
• "Triangle at Rhodes" - first published under the title "Poirot and the Triangle at Rhodes" in Strand Magazine, May 1936


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