H. P. Lovecraft

Fungi from Yuggoth


Main Details
H. P. Lovecraft
1943 First published
Language English
Notes "Fungi from Yuggoth" is a sequence of 36 sonnets. Individual sonnets first appeared in Weird Tales and other genre magazines. The complete sequence was first published in the Lovecraft collection "Beyond the Wall of Sleep" (Sauk City, Wisconsin: Arkham House, 1943, 395–407).

Includes the following sonnets:
I. The Book
II. Pursuit
III. The Key
IV. Recognition
V. Homecoming
VI. The Lamp
VII. Zaman's Hill
VIII. The Port
IX. The Courtyard
X. The Pigeon Flyers
XI. The Well
XII. The Howler
XIII. Hesperia
XIV. Star-Winds
XV. Antarktos
XVI. The Window
XVII. A Memory
XVIII. The Gardens of Yin
XXI. The Bells
XX. Night-Gaunts
XXI. Nyarlathotep
XXII. Azathoth
XXIII. Mirage
XXIV. The Canal
XXV. St. Toad's
XXVI. The Familiars
XXVII. The Elder Pharos
XXVIII. Expectancy
XXIX. Nostalgia
XXX. Background
XXXI. The Dweller
XXXII. Alienation
XXXIII. Harbour Whistles
XXXIV. Recapture
XXXV. Evening Star
XXXVI. Continuity


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