Isaac Asimov, Groff Conklin

Fifty Short Science Fiction Tales


Main Details
Isaac Asimov
Groff Conklin
1963-02 First published
Publication Location USA
Language English
Notes Fifty Short Science Fiction Tales is an anthology of science fiction short stories edited by Isaac Asimov and Groff Conklin, first published in 1963.

Introduction No. 1 by Isaac Asimov
Introduction No. 2 by Groff Conklin
Ballade of an Artificial Satellite by Poul Anderson
The Fun They Had by Isaac Asimov
Men Are Different by Alan Bloch
The Ambassadors by Anthony Boucher
The Weapon by Fredric Brown
Random Sample by T. P. Caravan
Oscar by Cleve Cartmill
The Mist by Peter Cartur
Teething Ring by James Causey
The Haunted Space Suit by Arthur C. Clarke (first published as Who's There?)
Stair Trick by Mildred Clingerman
Unwelcome Tenant by Roger Dee
The Mathematicians by Arthur Feldman
The Third Level by Jack Finney
Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! by Stuart Friedman
The Figure by Edward Grendon
The Rag Thing by David Grinnell
The Good Provider by Marion Gross
Columbus Was a Dope by Robert A. Heinlein
Texas Week by Albert Hernhuter
Hilda by H. B. Hickey
The Choice by Wayland Hilton-Young
Not with a Bang by Damon Knight
The Altar at Midnight by C. M. Kornbluth
A Bad Day for Sales by Fritz Leiber
Who's Cribbing? by Jack Lewis
Spectator Sport by John D. MacDonald
The Cricket Ball by Avro Manhattan
Double-Take by Winston K. Marks
Prolog by John P. McKnight
The Available Data on the Worp Reaction by Lion Miller
Narapoia by Alan Nelson
Tiger by the Tail by Alan E. Nourse
Counter Charm by Peter Phillips
The Fly by Arthur Porges
The Business, As Usual by Mack Reynolds
Two Weeks in August by Frank M. Robinson
See? by Edward G. Robles, Jr.
Appointment at Noon by Eric Frank Russell
We Don't Want Any Trouble by James H. Schmitz
Built Down Logically by Howard Schoenfeld
An Egg a Month from All Over by Idris Seabright
The Perfect Woman by Robert Sheckley
The Hunters by Walt Sheldon
The Martian and the Magician by Evelyn E. Smith
Barney by Will Stanton
Talent by Theodore Sturgeon
Project Hush by William Tenn
The Great Judge by A. E. van Vogt
Emergency Landing by Ralph Williams
Obviously Suicide by S. Fowler Wright
Six Haiku by Karen Anderson


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