Edgar Wallace

The Crimson Circle


Main Details
Edgar Wallace
1922 First published
Publication Location UK
Language English
Notes When James Beardmore receives a letter demanding £100,000 he refuses to pay—even though it is his last warning. It is his son Jack who finds him dead. Can the amazing powers of Derrick Yale, combined with the methodical patience of Inspector Parr, discover the secret of the Crimson Circle? Who is its all-powerful head and who is the stranger who lies in wait? Twice in a lifetime a ruthless criminal faces the executioner.

Adapted into a British silent movie in 1922.
Adapted into a German silent movie, titled Der rote Kreis, in 1929, dubbed into English for its UK release.
Adapted into a British film in 1936.
Adapted into a German-Danish film in 1960, titled Der rote Kreis respectively Den blodrøde cirkel.


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