Groff Conklin

The Science Fiction Galaxy


Main Details
Groff Conklin
1950-02 First published
Publication Location USA
Language English
Notes The Science Fiction Galaxy is an anthology of science fiction short stories edited by Groff Conklin, first published in 1950.

Introduction by Groff Conklin
The Machine Stops by E. M. Forster
As Easy as A.B.C. by Rudyard Kipling
The Derelict by William Hope Hodgson
The Fires Within by Arthur C. Clarke
A Child Is Crying by John D. MacDonald
Quis Custodiet .... ? by Margaret St. Clair
The Life-Work of Professor Muntz by Murray Leinster
The Appendix and the Spectacles by Miles J. Breuer
Death from the Stars by A. Rowley Hilliard
The Hurkle Is a Happy Beast by Theodore Sturgeon
King of the Gray Spaces by Ray Bradbury
The Living Galaxy by Laurence Manning


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