Stanisław Lem



Main Details
Stanisław Lem
1985-01 First published
Publication Location USA
Language Polish
Notes Microworlds is a collection of essays by Stanisław Lem, first published in 1985.

Introduction by Franz Rottensteiner
Reflections on My Life (Mein Leben)
On the Structural Analysis of Science Fiction (Od strukturalizmu do tradycjonalizmu)
Science Fiction: A Hopeless Case – With Exceptions (Science-fiction: ein hoffnungsloser Fall – mit Ausnahmen)
Philip K. Dick: A Visionary Among the Charlatans (Posłowie do "Ubika" Ph. Dicka?)
The Time Travel Story and Related Matters of Science-Fiction Structuring (originally published as The Time Travel Story and Related Matters of SF Structuring)
Metafantasia: The Possibilities of Science Fiction
Cosmology and Science Fiction
Todorov's Fantastic Theory of Literature (Tzvetana Todorova fantastyczna teoria literatury)
Unitas Oppositorum: The Prose of Jorge Luis Borges (Unitas oppositorum)
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